gideon obarzanek

Gideon Obarzanek became interested in dance towards the end of high school and after graduating deferred science at university to study at the Australian Ballet School. He later danced with the Queensland Ballet and the Sydney Dance Company before working as an independent performer and choreographer with various dance companies and independent projects within Australia and abroad.

Founded in Australia in 1995, Obarzanek’s company, Chunky Move, produces a distinct yet unpredictable brand of genre-defying dance performance. Obarzanek’s works have been diverse in form and content and include stage productions, installations, site-specific works and film. His multi-award winning works have been performed in many festivals and theatres around the world in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Obarzanek’s film, Dance Like Your Old Man, co-directed with Edwina Throsby, won Best Short Documentary at the 2007 Melbourne International Film Festival, 2008 Flickerfest International Short Film Festival and Best Film at the Cinedans Festival in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Lucy Guerin and Michael Kantor, Obarzanek has eceived a New York Bessie award for outstanding choreography and creation for Chunky Move’s production Tense Dave. In 2008 he received two Australian Helpmann Awards for Glow and Mortal Engine. In 2009, Mortal Engine received an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica awards in the Hybrid Arts category.

Gideon Obarzanek resigned as Artistic Director of Chunky Move late 2010. (Text courtesy of artist)


Works by gideon obarzanek


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articles/reviews: other works by gideon obarzanek

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next steps
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three for the road
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cyberistic power and human frailty
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in the design
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dancing up the apocalypse
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faker, 2010
reflections on self and body
pauline manley, realtime 100, december 2010-january 2011

the truth of the matter, or not
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the art machine dances
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Thumbnail: Gideon Obarzanek, Faker, photo Heidrun Löhr, courtesy Sydney Opera House