mortal engine, 2008

Lee Serle, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

Lee Serle, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

Lee Serle, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

Mortal Engine is a dance-video-music-laser performance using movement and sound responsive projections to portray an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of the human body are an illusion. Crackling light and staining shadows represent the most perfect or sinister of souls. Kinetic energy fluidly metamorphoses from the human figure into light image, into sound and back again. Choreography is focused on movement of unformed beings in an unfamiliar landscape searching to connect and evolve in a constant state of becoming. Veering between moments of exquisite cosmological perfection and grotesque evolutionary accidents of existence, we are driven forward by the reality of permanent change. [Text courtesy of Chunky Move.]

credits: direction, choreography Gideon Obarzanek, interactive system design Frieder Weiss, laser and sound artist Robin Fox, composer Ben Frost, costume designer Paula Levis, lighting designer Damien Cooper, set design Richard Dinnen, Gideon Obarzanek, multimedia engineer Nick Roux, performers Kristy Ayre, Sara Black, Amber Haines, Antony Hamilton, Marnie Palomares, Lee Serle, James Shannon, Adam Synnott, Charmene Yap, Jorijn Vrisendorp

performances: premiere Sydney Festival, January 2008; Edinburgh International Festival, August 2008; Noorderzan Festival, Groningen, the Netherlands, August 2008; Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, March 2009; Festival De Mexico, Mexico City, March 2009; Tanzhaus, Dusseldorf Germany, June 2009; International Festival of Arts, Salamanca, Spain, June 2009; Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, September 2009; Next Wave Festival, BAM, New York, December 2009; Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, March 2010; Sydney Theatre, Sydney, May 2010; New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong, October 2010; National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2010


Harriet Ritchie, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

Harriet Ritchie, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

Harriet Ritchie, Mortal Engine, Chunky Move

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