i want to dance better at parties, 2004

chunky move

Lee Serle (foreground), I Want to Dance Better at Parties, Chunky Move

Lee Serle (foreground), I Want to Dance Better at Parties, Chunky Move

Lee Serle (foreground), I Want to Dance Better at Parties, Chunky Move

I Want to Dance Better at Parties begins as a live documentary about five individual men’s relationship to dance. These men are represented on stage by five dancers and also appear on film projected on screens suspended above. From interviews originally conducted for a television documentary in the making, the men talk about dancing, their lives and more private thoughts and experiences.

The work begins as a factual and informative demonstration about the men and the place dancing has in their lives and gradually evolves into a more subjective and expressive work about who they are. As they divulge information of a much more personal nature the dancers on stage create physical, dynamic portraits of each subject. The piece thus moves out of the realm of documentary into being a highly impressionistic dance work, composed of a series of imagined private dances representative of the subjects’ inner lives. [Text courtesy of Chunky Move.]

credits: choreography, direction Gideon Obarzanek, video projection Michaela French, original music, sound design Jason Sweeney, Cailan Burns (PrettyBoy Crossover), lighting designer Niklas Pajani (trafficlight), costume designer Paula Levis, design realisation Donna Aston, performers Kristy Ayre, Anthony Hamilton, Martin Hansen, Jo Lloyd, Lee Serle, Delia Silvan, Adam Wheeler

performances: premiere at Chunky Move Studios, Melbourne, November-December 2004; Melbourne International Arts Festival, October 2005; Brisbane Power House, October 2005; Sydney Festival, January 2006; Frankston Performing Arts Centre, Melbourne, September 2006; Whitehorse Theatre, Melbourne, September 2006; Clocktower Centre, Melbourne, September 2006; Monash University, Melbourne, September 2006; West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul, September 2006; Warrnambool Entertainment Centre, Warrnambool, September 2006; Golden Grove Arts Theatre, Adelaide, October 2006; Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin, October 2006; Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, March 2007; University of California, San Diego, March 2007; University of California, Santa Barbara, March 2007; University of California, Santa Cruz, March 2007; Dancing on the Edge Festival of Contemporary Dance, Vancouver, July 2007; Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, Becket, Massachusetts, July 2007; Christchurch Festival, August 2007; Pittsburgh Australia Festival, November 2007; Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, Vermont, March 2009; Crash Arts, Boston, March 2009; Dance Victoria, Victoria, Canada, April 2009


Kristy Ayre, I Want to Dance Better at Parties

Kristy Ayre, I Want to Dance Better at Parties

Kristy Ayre, I Want to Dance Better at Parties

reviews/articles – realtime

chance, dance, animals & the unconscious
philipa rothfield, realtime 70, december 2005-january 2006





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