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Australians, end the incarceration of asylum seekers. End sickness, mental illness, self- and sexual abuse. End suicide, torture, manslaughter and murder. End hopelessness. Australians, admit responsibility. For first making war on Iraq. For creating refugees, denying them basic human rights, treating them as criminals. Australians, end ‘the Pacific Solution.’ It is no solution. Move beyond compassion. Exercise imagination, strategise and act. Australians, close offshore detention centres. Respect the rights of refugees. Bring them to Australia. Invite those whose claims have been processed to live and work among us. Treat other asylum seekers rapidly with new, humane processing. Australians, end this refugee hell of our making. This hell we too inhabit, with guilt and shame for the hurt we do.

Keith & Virginia

Bright World
JEWISH & ABORIGINAL MINDS MEET     Elise Hearst and Andrea James come together as writer-performers around William Cooper, the legendary Aboriginal activist who in the 1930s protested Nazi maltreatment of Jewish people.
NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES     Hobart’s Stranger With My Face International Film Festival impresses Katerina Sakkas with its mix of strong films by female directors, reconsideration of the horror genre and sense of community.
KEIR CHOREOGRAPHIC AWARD           The first semi-finalists, writes Andrew Fuhrmann, exemplify the award’s “bringing together of multiple artistic, philosophical and critical practices in performance.” The finals play out at Carriageworks this week.
ADDICTION’S VICIOUS CYCLES     In writer-director Tony Reck’s Dirty Pictures, “the ensemble cast—all excellent—glide seamlessly between arrested moments of violence, despair, relief, mania and boredom,” writes Jana Perkovic.
The choreographer of Fanatic and Skeleton pushes further into her engagement with popular culture, asking, “What would computer game characters be capable of doing in reality?”
Across 2016-17 this exhibition, rich in images, forms and ideas is touring five states. Sample the show now.
CHASING ASYLUM            
Eva Orner’s internationally distributed documentary shames Australians for their maltreatment of refugees. National release 28 May.

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