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Children and young people are at the centre of this E-dition. Triggered by research into the negative effects of electronic tools on the bodies and minds of children, Dancenorth transforms confined digital manipulation into vivid, expansive physical play. At London’s Tate Modern the young, and adults too, dig into the history of live art by recreating seminal works. In Stephen Page’s feature film Spear, a young man seeks reconciliation with his own culture by finding a place in men’s business. Margot Nash’s The Silence, a beautifully crafted film memoir, returns the filmmaker to her childhood to grapple with her fraught relationship with her mother.




Arts Minister Mitch Fifield’s Catalyst grant scheme has become a showcase for highly publicised and strategically staggered grant announcements that have about them the whiff of pork barrelling. Recall that Catalyst’s funds were taken from the Australia Council’s budget for the small to medium arts sector. Now Catalyst is funding a Brisbane commercial art gallery, the WA Ballet and Kaldor Arts Projects. In an announcement last week that Sydney’s Art Gallery of NSW, MCA and Carriageworks were “going national,” creating a biennale of Australian contemporary art, Carriageworks’ director Lisa Havilah is reported as saying “additional funding has been sought for the event from the federal government's Catalyst program (SMH, 21 April). Clearly, Catalyst is not going to be an alternative funding source for the small to medium sector. Artspeak is forming a National Election Strategy Group, holding a National Arts Debate and providing updates: sign up here.

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RAINBOW VOMIT     In Townsville, the digital world is banished as children, parents and Dancenorth come together to realise an amazingly magical, lo-fi interactive world.
STEPHEN PAGE’S SPEAR      Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director turns to film in an attempt to find a place for contemporary Aboriginal men’s business.
THE SILENCES     Filmmaker Margot Nash’s feature length memoir, centred around a troubled mother-daughter relationship, is a work of crystalline beauty, sadness and release. Now showing!
BUZZCUT     In its 5th year, Glasgow’s festival of performance and live art is at once outrageous, contemplative and communal, writes Megan Garrett-Jones.
At London’s Tate Modern, kids, parents and others learn about and give new life to performance art and live art classics and rarities, writes Madeleine Hodge.
John Bailey declares Zoe Coombs Marr’s Trigger Warning “such a meta-theatrical tour de force that it threatens to alter the comedy landscape in profound ways.”
Judith Wright Centre

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