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Performance Space’s 2016 Liveworks attracted loyal fans, hungry for experimental art and many others, attracted by the unusual. This E-dition features reviews of most of the festival’s diverse works that occupied Carriageworks in a way that made sense of the building. There’s an overview from us of the ‘bigger picture’ that Liveworks offers of our culture, its connections with Asia, the self, Indigeneity and community. It’s a festival well worth celebrating in dark times.

Keith and Virginia, Oztrayah, Trumpistan
Media Super
Jon Rose
LIVEWORKS: THE MUSEUM GOES LIVE    Angus McPherson finds Jon Rose’s violin museum full of surprises: eerie instruments triggered by capitalism’s data feeds, a fearsome apparition and bracing music.
River Lin
LIVEWORKS: RIVER LIN   In River Walk, the Taiwanese performance artist transcends the festival’s opening night hubbub, and in the one-on-one Cleansing Service surprises Nikki Heywood with a “brazen yet tender act.”
Faint Existence
LIVEWORKS: A FAINT EXISTENCE       With intensely focused movement and powerful image-making, Kristina Chan and collaborators create an unstable world in which extreme weather threatens to plunge us into a black hole of our own making.
LIVEWORKS: SOFTMACHINE     A four-year project, 2012-16, by Berlin-based Singaporean artist and performance maker Choy Ka Fai featured as the best of the Liveworks’ program.
We The People
LIVEWORKS: WE THE PEOPLE              For Lauren Carroll Harris, this walking visit to places where artists collaborate with Redfern locals inspires gratitude and prompts thoughts about the challenges involved in such art-making.
PROPEL        Omer and Sharon Backley-Astrachan and Craig Bary and Dale Collier are the latest artists to participate in Catapult Dance’s Propel Residency program in Newcastle. Omer and Craig talk with RealTime about their plans.
Liveworks overview
Keith and Virginia look back over a successful festival that intimately embraced Asia, the personal, some bracingly strange visions and Performance Space’s Redfern neighbours.
Stiff Gins
With powerful songs and intriguing stories, Stiff Gins breathe new life into Aboriginal artefacts locked in museums, taking us towards greater cultural understanding and to some very strange places.
LIVEWORKS: THUNDERHEAD    From a moving car, Tina Havelock Stevens captured on video a massive storm in Texas, in turn captivating Lauren Carroll Harris with the contemplative immediacy of this big-screen artwork.
The Talk
LIVEWORKS: THE TALK    With wicked wit, acute autobiographical frankness and dextrous audience co-option, Mish Grigor takes us on her urgent quest to understand her sexuality, drawing on uncomfortable conversations with her family.
The charismatic team of Nicola Gunn and Jo Lloyd conjures a surreal world of relentless chatter, celebrity fixation, hyperactive exercise and perilous co-dependency with wit and anxiety-inducing movement.

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