Jenny Fraser, photo Jenny Fraser

Digital Native: the art of Jenny Fraser, playful provocateur

Jenny Fraser with Keith Gallasch

Awarded the prestigious Australia Council Experimental & Emerging Arts Award in 2022, Jenny Fraser adroitly uses whatever media and images are at hand to celebrate Indigenous cultures and protest the wrongs done to First Nations Australians.

20 November 2023

Liveworks 2023: Brooke Stamp, Mickey, Amplifying dance’s psyche

Keith Gallasch

Performance Space’s Liveworks 2023 kicked off boldly with an emotionally and physically powerful dance and sound creation that is seductively elusive, richly allusive and wrought with the intensity of a disturbing dream.

3 November 2023

Night Songs: Pied Butcherbird, centre-stage

Keith Gallasch

Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor’s deeply engaging Night Songs, with Ensemble Offspring in Liveworks 2022, celebrates birdsong as music, reminding us of the ecological and emotional significance of our kinship with other species.

19 July 2023

Word dance: Nikki Heywood & Mark Cauvin, Broadcast into Oblivion

Keith Gallasch

Broadcast into Oblivion is a grimly thrilling expression of today’s cumulative existential anxieties, delivered by Heywood and Cauvin with passion and wit, voice and double bass resonantly entwining, and offering more than a very rich aural experience.

6 February 2023

Raghav Handa, Follies of God: A dance for life

Keith Gallasch

In the 2022 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, Handa’s Follies of God is a physically exacting, viscerally gripping contemplation of the morality of waging a “just” war.

21 December 2022

Kaz Therese’s Sleeplessness: Art and trauma

Keith Gallasch

A courageous and emotionally exacting creation, fusing personal recollection and night-time delirium, Sleeplessness climaxes in a moment of remarkable transformation, as it confronts the tragedy of intergenerational trauma.

10 November 2022

Keith Gallasch: WE ARE HERE’s Radical Transparency: resurrecting dance

Radical Transparency is a vivid, frequently funny and affecting depiction of a young dance company returning to performance ‘post-Covid’ in an interplay between individual impulses and a need for collective cohesion.

6 September 2022

Life on the edge: Suzon Fuks’ Be Like Body—Obsolete #4

Keith Gallasch

Fuks’ 2021 live-streamed “poetic meditation on age, obsolescence and technology” is a richly inventive melding of performance, dextrous filmmaking and the voices of six women poets from around the world.

29 March 2022

re:group, COIL: Looping loss & laughter

Keith Gallasch

re:group’s live-cinema event COIL is an astonishingly multi-layered, funny-sad eulogy for the demise of video rental stores around Australia, a foundation on which grievings personal and artistic are built with an often hilarious, virtuosic interplay of live and screen action.

29 March 2022

Virginia Baxter & Keith Gallasch appointed Members (AM) of the Order of Australia

Virginia and Keith have each been awarded the Order of Australia AM. They express their gratitude to all who have partnered them in their four decades as performance-makers, writers and publishers.

26 January 2022

Andrée Greenwell’s Cinéaste: reflections & refractions

Keith Gallasch

Cinéaste Vol. 1 is a fascinating assemblage that allows composer Greenwell to lovingly reflect on the idiom of film scoring and to inventively refract her own compositions, yielding aural gems: riffs, ostinatos, hooks and soundscapes, the stuff of movies actual and imagined.

5 October 2021

Sky Blue Mythic: Angela Goh’s fantastical myth-making

Keith Gallasch

More essay than review, Keith Gallasch’s response to Angela Goh’s Sky Blue Mythic explores the relationship between experiencing a powerfully disconcerting work, reviewing it and engaging with the artist’s account of it.

26 July 2021

Narcifixion: Watching the narcissists

Keith Gallasch

Anton’s vigorously propulsive, grimly funny dance work, Narcifixion, about screen-bred narcissism provokes Keith Gallasch, watching a finely streamed performance, to appreciate the logic of its structure and respond to its account of a complex condition.

17 June 2021

Rakini Devi’s nightwork: the performer as visual artist

Keith Gallasch

The exhibition Inhabiting Erasures powerfully attests to a passion to arrest the wrongs done to women, conjures a magical otherworld of female strength and beauty and exquisitely reveals painting to be the foundation of Devi’s practice.

2 June 2021

The RealTime Archive: Contributors: Jodie McNeilly

For our archive we’re completing and updating our contributor entries. Dancer, research academic and writer Jodie McNeilly likes that writing “lets [her] turn towards the world with acute attention.” Read Jodie’s profile here.

12 March 2021

The RealTime Archive: Contributors: Erin Brannigan

For our archive we’re completing and updating our contributor entries. Writer and teacher Erin Brannigan’s passionate “motivation in writing about dance and choreography in its many forms is to help it persist into the future.”

12 March 2021

The RealTime Archive: Contributors: Cleo Mees

For our archive we’re completing and updating our contributor entries. Writer, teacher and video-maker Cleo Mees reflects on music and dance, Bodyweather and writing “that makes surprising associations and confessions…”

12 March 2021

Excellent everyday Kathak: Raghav Handa’s TWO

Keith Gallasch

With amusing conversation and exquisite partnering dancer Raghav Handa and tabla player Maharshi Raval reveal much about collaboration, Kathak dance and the testing of boundaries.

25 February 2021

Album review: Offspring Bites 3: En Masse

Keith Gallasch

From Ensemble Offspring potent works by Alex Pozniak (dramatically assaying weight in music), Holly Harrison (a witty take on instrumental and other distortions) and Thomas Meadowcroft (a gently vibrating meditation that opens out to a pulsing expansive vision).

25 February 2021

Editorial Thursday 27 August 2020

Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter

The highly successful 2019 exhibition In Response: Dialogues with RealTime, which celebrated the interplay between RealTime and the artists Martin del Amo, Vicki Van Hout and Branch Nebula, is now exhibited online. We also interview instigator and co-curator Dr Erin Brannigan about her motivation for mounting this innovative exhibition. In another bold archival venture, Madeleine Hodge and Sarah Rodigari have created Timely Readings, a visual mapping of live art in Australia.

27 August 2020