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It’s a painful time. The LNP won the election, narrowly. Artists lost, enormously. But the sector and supporters fought hard, creating a unanimity of purpose with which to hold governments to account from now on. Students and staff at Sydney College of the Arts are hurting with the announcement of their college’s absorption into UNSW Art & Design. They’re fighting it, transforming pain into action. Suffering and its management are directly addressed in this E-dition in a Virtual Reality experience created by Eugenie Lee which simulates chronic pain (image above) and in an Irish dance work about angst wrought by separation. Other works reviewed look back to the arts politics of the 20th century (Colin Bright Syzygy Band and Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto) for inspiration and a sense of continuity while the Manifesta 11 biennale treats its host city, Zurich, as a socio-political art site and Terrapin Puppet Theatre and playwright Angela Betzien tackle a dysfunctional future with the ancient arts of clowning, tale-telling and puppetry. In Croatia, Jana Perkovic experiences intimate, deeply engaging performances that resolve in joy. Where there’s art, there’s hope.

Keith and Virginia
Media Super
CITY SHIT ART          You’re looking at 80,000kg of treated human waste—Zurich’s daily output—in huge cubes in Manifesta 11, a biennale of experimental curation in which the city is the subject, reports Marco Marcon.
In a VR headset in an anechoic chamber, in Eugenie Lee’s Seeing is Believing, Keith Gallasch experiences a disturbing simulation of chronic pain that offers insights into the nature of suffering. Experience it now.
Playwriting Festival
TWO KINDS OF NAKEDNESS         At Croatia’s Perforations Festival of intimate performances, Jana Perkovic speed-dates in Market of Love and is entranced by Necastive, a nude dance work, tense, macabre and then joyous.
JWC Grace
CLOWNING WITH CAPITALISM        Two Beckettian rogues get into a twist over an orphaned creature they’ve sold to evil plutocrats in Angela Betzien’s new play for Hobart’s Terrapin Puppet Theatre. Now playing in Melbourne.
HIP, POLITICAL MUSIC        Reaching back into the 20th century to periods of hip innovation and political defiance, the Colin Bright Syzygy Band makes playful and powerful new music.
Time Over Distance
Ireland’s Liz Roche Company dances “a somatically stirring meditation” on suffering wrought by time, distance and displacement writes Jodie McNeilly.
Because it’s two hours well spent with 12 characters skilfully realised by Cate Blanchett in an above all intensely cinematic, deftly staged and syncopated installation full of wondrous visions. Now showing at AGNSW.

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