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Nature and the internet: two kinds of plenitude, one of its own making (it bred us) and one of our technological own. They offer commonality, solace and inspiration; exploited, they turn against us. The good news in this edition is that our inherent art-making continues to be succoured by nature in the beautiful bush of Bundanon and its artist residencies where Trevor Flinn becomes Arthur Boyd's Nebuchadnezzar and Next Wave's Kickstarter emerging artists become one with nature and each other. In Kandos, artists populate the NSW country town and adjacent countryside with art. Conor Bateman reveals an astonishing internet wealth of streamed video art that will both challenge and inspire [Ben Russell's experimental film Atlantis, above]. Rogue Agents, at Firstdraft, projects a new wave of cultural and biological evolution while the horror film Raw confronts us with our fears—and regressive temptations. Much to chew on. Keith & Virginia
BUNDANON: CHANNELLING ARTHUR BOYD       In a wonderfully vivid account of his residency, artist Trevor Flinn immerses himself in a restorative Bundanon, feeling “increasingly drawn to the landscape that Arthur Boyd made his own, and compelled to respond intuitively...”.
Lauren Carroll Harris travels to Kandos in regional NSW to experience Cementa17, witnessing a town and surrounds turned over to innovative art and ecological thinking, raising key questions about local engagement and infrastructure capacity.
Video Art
VIDEO ART TREASURE HOUSE ON DEMAND      Conor Bateman reveals an often overlooked expanse of streaming portals making available video art by the likes of John Baldessari, Ben Russell and Australia's Karrabing Film Collective to a global audience.
TECHNO-SHAPESHIFTING      In the first of Firstdraft's international exchanges, London's Auto Italia South East populated a performance night in Sydney with "cyborgs, body hackers, trans identities and chthonic ones...find[ing] agency in new modes of technological shapeshifting," reports Laura McLean.
Bundanon 2

Next Wave Artistic Director Georgie Meagher, actor William Zappa and choreographer Rhiannon Newton reflect on their recent residencies at Bundanon, treasuring the escape from the everyday and the restorative power of nature.
In Julia Ducournau’s Raw, a "brutally perceptive portrait of adolescent transformation," "the struggle between human caring and the all-consuming cannibalistic urge, is never downplayed nor simplified," writes an engrossed Katerina Sakkas.
The Loop
THE LOOP      
This week the UK's Performance Magazine [1979-1992] is accessibly archived online, John Clarke's The Games Series 1 is ready to relish courtesy ABC iView and we spot a delightful picture book for 4-8 year-olds about 19th century computer programming pioneer Ada Lovelace.
Raw prize
GIVEAWAY: RAW                 Courtesy of Monster Pictures, pop on the T-shirt, head off to Julia Ducournau’s horror film with a reassuring friend and ponder humanity's darkest urges.
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