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Plastic shopping bags in hand, cast members, including a cohort of NIDA students, each become Tiananmen Square’s Tank Man in the much-anticipated Sydney Theatre Company production of UK playwright Lucy Kirkwood’s Chimerica. (Listen to our interview with director Kip Williams about his approach to this epic play.) The title conjures, first, the chimera—a beast from Greek mythology with a lion’s head, a goat’s head rising from the creature’s back and a tail ending in the head of a snake—and then its embodiment as a hybridised China and America. These nations are dangerously co-dependent: mutually hostile and intricately entwined economically. Australia’s foreign policy is habitually oriented to the US while our economic dependency on Chinese purchasing power grows daily. How will we position ourselves as ‘Chimerica’ threatens to unravel? Cultural groundwork is being laid by Asialink, APT, OzAsia, Asia TOPA and others, but the Australian Government faces a major political challenge.

Keith & Virginia
AUDIO: A DANGEROUS BEAST    As tensions escalate between co-dependent superstates China and America, STC Artistic Director Kip Williams and Keith Gallasch discuss Lucy Kirkwood’s Chimerica, its alarming timeliness and the director’s determination to maintain a sense of human scale in a three-hour, large-cast epic.
VIDEO ART FOR THOSE IN TRANSIT      Transport for NSW’s Wynscreen, impressively installed in Sydney’s Wynyard Station, currently features doeanddoe’s Woven Moments, a video work designed to relax the harried traveller. Lauren Carroll Harris met two of its makers, Beatrice Chew and Su-An Ng.
The Walls
GOLD COAST NEW ART MOMENTUM    The Walls’ 2017 program of site works, installations, feminist performance art, residencies and “provocative and charismatic artists” will include a collaboration between the Gold Coast’s adventurous Miami Beach gallery and a Miami, Florida counterpart, writes Kathryn Kelly.
Liz Lea's BOLD, a new festival that celebrates legacy over nostalgia, features mature artists in performances, talks and workshops addressing a rich, living dance heritage from diverse cultures. Adam Broinowski previews the program.
THE LOOP    From a revelatory story about film with a thousand storylines to a podcast about the productivity of adult boredom, RealTime editors recommend the week's best art reading and listening.
In Roger Williams' acclaimed 2016 documentary, a young autistic man's intense identification with the heroes and sidekicks of his favourite 90s Disney films provides him and his family with the roadmap to growing up.

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