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Soon after the revelatory Victory Over the Sun, the 20th Biennale of Sydney produced another striking performance, Manger, a profoundly visceral work featuring Musée de la danse, from Rennes in France, in a one-off performance. The Biennale’s keynote address was delivered by the company’s director, choreographer Boris Charmatz, an apparently unusual choice but one in tune with the Biennale Artistic Director Stephanie Rosenthal’s passion for bringing ephemeral works into the art museum, if from a very different position and raising critical questions about current threats to public space.

In another foray into motivation and vision, RealTime presents a substantial interview with Phillip Keir, founder of the Keir Choreographic Award and an artist who turned to publishing the Australian Rolling Stone magazine for 20 years before returning to the arts as a benefactor. Also in this edition, Philip Brophy takes glorious exception to Lady Gaga’s 'tribute' to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys.

Virginia & Keith

KEIR CHOREOGRAPHIC AWARD   Phillip Keir reveals a background in the arts which has motivated his Foundation’s collaborative approach to supporting artists.
LADY GAGA'S BOWIE TRIBUTE “More pathetically Las Vegas than I could have imagined,” writes Philip Brophy of the pop queen’s Intel- sponsored performance at the 58th Annual Grammys.
MUSÉE DE LA DANSE   In a bleak, vast, unused section of Carriageworks, the 13-strong Musée de le danse performed Manger for the Biennale of Sydney, devouring paper, writhing, moaning, growling, fighting, reciting and singing in glorious harmony.
EMERGENCE   Working with video, artists collaborate with scientists to ponder challenges to water quality and especially the Great Barrier Reef. Screening this week in Cairns and in exhibition in Mackay in May.
Perth contemporary music ensemble Decibel performs works commissioned from leading French experimental composers Eliane Radigue (with US collaborator Carol Robinson) and Lionel Marchetti.
20th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY    At Carriageworks, director of Musée de la danse Boris Charmatz described his creation of a living dance archive and asserted the need to regenerate public space. At the MCA Meryl Tankard archived remembered fragments of her dance career.
GIVEAWAY: 99 HOMES DVD One of a mere handful of incisive films to deal with the horrendous impact of the Global Financial Crisis on homeowners, Ramin Baharani’s engrossing feature tells of one victim who, to survive, crosses the line to join the cruel dispossessors.

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