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This week come with us to the UK to meet provocative dance duo Project O, to Mexico for a travelling film festival that confronts corruption, to the US for a film by an Australian that casts citizens as participants in the scenario of a legendary murder, to the Gold Coast for a young artist's take on globalised culture and to Brisbane for a possibly self-mythologising performance by a Sydney ensemble. Visiting Australia from New York, photographer Lili Almog challenges our perceptions of the veiling of women and Japan's techno-wizards teamLab reveal four new works for you to contemplate on this very screen if not in reach of the Sydney gallery where they, and Almog, are exhibiting. From suburban Carlton, Shopfront presents potent new work by young theatre artists at Belvoir and we urge you to take a look at Conor Bateman's video essay Cameraperson to person, widely viewed when it premiered in last week's RealTime. Keith & Virginia
TAKING CARE        At Belvoir, Sydney's Shopfront premieres The Carousel, a powerful all-female production about young co-dependent sisters "working through a kind of madness towards release without abandoning their love for each other," writes an impressed Keith Gallasch.
TRAVELLING DOCO FEST FIGHTS CORRUPTION   Ann Deslandes reports that Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna's Ambulante documentary festival gamely plays in all kinds of cinemas and public spaces, with a 2017 focus on violence and corruption.
IN THE BEGINNING...       In Brisbane, Sydney ensemble Applespiel investigates the mystery of a missing founding member in a performance that exploits the podcast format with verve, writes Kathryn Kelly of Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead, if less convincingly when it departs from the platform.
LILI ALMOG: LIFTING THE VEIL           With discerning wit and an engaging aesthetic, A New York photographer exhibiting in Sydney's Head On Photo Festival addresses the veiling, religious or not, of women and its connections with the history of portraiture.
VIDEO ESSAY: CAMERAPERSON TO PERSON       You might have missed the first of our video essays in last week's RealTime. We had a great response to Conor Bateman's account of how Kirsten Johnson has shaped her own film from those she shot for leading documentarians.
Project O
London-based dance collaborators Jamila Johnson-Small and Alexandrina Hemsley tell Osunwunmi about the anti-assimilationist ethic that drives their performances beyond the constraints of racism and traditional notions of virtuosity.
Jon Benet
Luke Goodsell finds that a surreal hybrid documentary about the murder of JonBenét Ramsey opens onto a wider examination of performance and the construction of popular myth.
Kiah Reading
Visual artist Kiah Reading's first solo exhibition, presented at the The Walls on the Gold Coast, ranges from witty, dreamlike video with provocative text art to dramatic embroidered cloth designed by Reading and sewn in Peru.
Screen works by Japan's teamLab were a highlight of Adelaide's 2016 OzAsia Festival. Sample the superb animation of crashing waves and the slowed sweep of brushstroke art in these evocations of traditional art now showing in Sydney.

This week's reading and viewing: refugee writing as literature; everyday Chinese snaps rescued from a recycling plant; and a celebration in Paris of the work of seminal video art maker Peter Campus.
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