Caroline Wake

I am an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow and Lecturer in Theatre and Performance at UNSW Sydney. In broad terms, I research politics and performance and within that, I have several interests. Firstly, in theatre and migration, including the participation and representation of refugees and asylum seekers in contemporary performance. Secondly, in theatres of the real, including documentary, verbatim and autobiographical performance. Thirdly, in the cultural afterlives of performance, including reviews, photographic and filmic documentation, archives and representations of performance in other creative media. Obviously, this last research interest overlaps with my reviewing for RealTime, where I have worked as a proofreader, online producer and writer since 2007.


Why do I maintain a reviewing practice alongside my academic writing? Out of love, habit, duty and desire: I love live performance; I can’t imagine not writing about it; and I feel like the least I can do for local artists is to record their work, reckon with their provocations, and then record that reckoning.

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