who is this man?

photo Heidrun Löhr

Photographed recently on Coogee Beach, on approach he spoke a patois of musical memes, adolescent delusions, political spin, sound grabs, punch-lines and pedagogy and hummed bytes from what a local lifesaver identified as The Goldberg Variations.

Though he could not confirm it, passers by felt he bore a striking resemblance to man of the theatre, Nigel Kellaway whose Sleepers Wake (Wachet Auf!), a chamber recital for amnesiac performer and three musicians is scheduled for performance sometime soon.

Nigel Kellaway, Sleepers Wake (Wachet Auf!), Performance Space, CarriageWorks, Sydney, June 7-9, 13-16

RealTime issue #78 April-May 2007 pg. 37

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1 April 2007