Three steps forward

Inter-Steps, The Performance Space

The annual independent dance showcase, Steps is an eagerly anticipated forum for new work and debate around issues of physical performance. The third Steps program (Inter-Steps) will run throughout November at The Performance Space in Sydney. There’s always a sense of performance as event in the Steps program along with serious explorations of space. As well as providing a platform for independent artists, Steps offers dancers and physical performers an opportunity to reflect a personal style as distinct from their performances within companies.

This year’s featured artists are Brett Daffy, Meredith Kitchen, Claire Hague, Trevor Patrick, Brian Carbee, Beth Kayes and Tuula Roppola. As well as the main program, Studio Steps features one-off performances by Martin del Amo, Jeff Stein, James McAllister, Lisa Ffrench, Lisa Freshwater and Brett Heath. Premiering at Steps is a new 13-minute dance on film, Touched, choreographed by Wendy Houstoun of DV8 fame. There’ll also be an intimate exhibition of images by photographer Heidrun Löhr.

A special focus of Inter-steps will be dance on video. Michelle Mahrer has curated a program of recent award winning films from Europe and North America including Vertigo Bird (33 mins) featuring Slovenia’s En-Knap Company choreographed by Iztok Kovac and from the UK, Boy (5 mins) choreographed by Rosemary Lee and directed by Peter Anderson. On November 8 following the screenings of the Microdance films, there’ll be a discussion on the vexed process of creating dance on film with film-makers Robert Herbert, Paul Hampton, Louise Curham and Alyson Bell and choreographers Matthew Bergan, Sue Healey, Kate Champion and Trevor Patrick.

RealTime issue #21 Oct-Nov 1997 pg. 14

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1 October 1997