Three New Media Arts Fellowships announced

Linda Dement, Stephen Jones and John Gillies to realise major projects

On October 29, the Australia Council announced three New Media Arts Fellowships, worth $40,000 a year over two years.

New Media Fellow Linda Dement, whose CD-ROM work Cyberfleshgirl monster was featured in last year’s Burning the Interface exhibition at the MCA, will develop a literary-digital multimedia work in collaboration with avant-garde New York author Kathy Acker. Acker will provide the text, and Dement the images. The collaboration will take form online and on CD-ROM, and the work will be submitted to galleries and electronic arts events.

Fellowship recipient Stephen Jones is a video artist of 20 years standing, and member of groundbreaking techno-arts and music group Severed Heads. Jones will develope an interdisciplinary opera The Brain Project, originally inspired by Michael Nyman’s operatic interpretation of neurologist Oliver Sachs’ The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat. The work will involve on-stage computers driven by performance and used to present illustrative material, dance and vocal work.

Video artist John Gillies will devote the fellowship to complete a large body of solo and collaborative performance work, with a focus on a fusion of sound and image, as in the work Tempest, a video installation of an electronically generated thunderstorm. The work will represent the culmination of 10 years of research, and will be presented in gallery, performance and screening situations. RT

RealTime issue #22 Dec-Jan 1997 pg. 23

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1 December 1997