The Artesian AV Arkestra


Anna Helme, Louise Terry

Anna Helme, Louise Terry

Anna Helme, Louise Terry

Electric Dreams is a genre-hopping audiovisual zine performed by The Artesian AV Arkestra (Anna Helme, Louise Terry) a small band exploring the potential of performance with live video.

“We’re a big-band cos we got big-ideas. Live-action video collides onscreen with a comix feel, projecting customised slides and hand-drawn stop animation cut’n’pastried with the latest in digital compositing with Flash/After Effects etc. Our sonic palette includes acoustic character-driven tragi-country lullabies through to quirky pop tunes, upbeat electronica and an atmosphere of textural loops. All of this action is assisted by the newly designed SpaceMaker, a spatial audio and video mixer. This theremin-inspired instrument will be accompanied by a cacophony of out-dated musical instruments and newly modified sound toys. We’re hiding our laptops under the desk and puttin’ on our tie’n’tails to give you a sensory spectacle through a landscape of (s)punky audiovisual oddities. As Rocky and Visage, time-bandits in tinfoil-underpants, Helme and Terry will be the audiovisualnauts guiding the cinematic spaceship. Mark Gomes (Barrage) is our musical filter-psychotically selfish sounds take on the guise of innocence and suave, innocuous melodies bend darkly sinister. Paul Bourke as Vladimir Crow visits this production as a ghost in the machine, embodying the lonely spirit of a cowboy on the plains, Charlie Chaplin caught in the cogs of post-modernity.”

Electric Dreams is being developed for Next Wave 2004 and beyond. Helme also works with with Sean Healy as SPOOLE, an audiovisual duo, peforming at Electrofringe this year.

RealTime issue #57 Oct-Nov 2003 pg. 9

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1 October 2003