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DVD: Tracks

Director John Curran and screenwriter Marian Nelson’s adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s book Tracks recounts the young writer’s epic solo trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean with her four camels and dog Diggity. Australia’s Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Stoker) plays Davidson and American actor Adam Driver (Girls, Frances Ha) appears as the New Yorker and National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan who flew in from time to time to document Anderson’s achievement. The film conveys the power of a challenging landscape few of us will ever experience.
5 copies courtesy of Transmission Films

DVD: Nymphomaniac, 2 DVDs

Some people love the films of Lars von Trier, others hate them. Some like certain of his films and loathe others. I couldn’t engage with Dogville but I took to Melancholia. Reactions around the world to Nymphomaniac are similar, some critics rejecting one of its two parts in favour of the other. The film is the third part of von Trier’s ‘Depression Trilogy’ after Antichrist and Melancholia. Supporters love the filmmaker’s ambition (the unfolding of life from birth to 57 years), his obsessiveness and willingness to go into very dark places, even where they find the violence and sex scenes too extreme. The film’s full running time, as shown at the Berlin Film Festival, was five and half hours; the “international version,” comprises two volumes and totals four hours on two DVDs. KG
5 copies courtesy of Transmission Films

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