realtime tv: joel stern (otherfilm), psycho subtropics

artv: Joel Stern (OtherFilm), Psycho Subtropics from RealTime on Vimeo.

Mini-doco about Psycho Subtropics at Serial Space, Sydney, including interviews with co-curator Joel Stern and artist Michael Candy

PSYCHO SUBTROPICS is a constantly evolving mini festival curated by OtherFilm (Joel Stern & Danni Zuvela) presenting Brisbane artists who work across music, noise and various visual forms. The Sydney manifestation was the third in the series and involved a residency at Serial Space for a week culminating in an exhibition, two nights of performances and a film session. The artists were Sarah Byrne, Michael Candy, Leighton Craig, Alex Cuffe, Bec Cunningham, Michael Donnelly, Gerald Keaney, Ross Manning, Andrew Mcllelan, Nicola Morton, Glen Schenau, Sandra Selig, Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela. Serial Space June 7-10, 2012


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3 July 2012