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{$slideshow} Here we offer a mini-gallery of performance strategies for dealing with that unruly entity—the audience. Takers for Rotazaza’s Wondermart look afresh at everyday places (see review). In IRAA’s The Persistence of Dreams: The Sandman, an audience of one invites a group of friends to join them at their home to be bound and blindfolded as Roberta Bosetti recounts a dark bedtime story (see review), while Hole in the Wall participants are moved about in four rooms on wheels (see review). In Oil Can, at Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, passersby are invited to climb into one of 15 oil cans to stand motionless alongside the artist Tatsumi Orimoto, for 30 seconds, which they obligingly do. Read about Oil Can here.

RealTime issue #97 June-July 2010 pg. 2-3

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14 June 2010