Northern Lights

Pedro Marzorati, OUPPSSS11, ARTCOP21

Pedro Marzorati, OUPPSSS11, ARTCOP21

Following on from Sumugan Sivanesan’s vivid report on the Paris Climate Games last week, Minneapolis-based Northern Lights surveys exhibitions, installations and video works in ARTCOP21.

Northern Lights.mn is a non-profit organisation whose mission is “to transform our sense of what’s possible in public space. Northern Spark is one night, but Northern Lights.mn shines through the year with projects such as Creative City Challenge for the Minneapolis Convention Center, Art(ists) on the Verge, The Giant Sing-A-Long at the Minnesota State Fair, and permanent interactive public art for Saint Paul’s Union Depot.

“In January we bring you…President+Artistic Director Steve Dietz’s thoughts about his visit to ARTCOP21 in Paris in December, including a review of the artworks he saw there.”

In 2007 RealTime co-hosted a forum in which Steve Dietz, then Director of Zero One Biennial Festival In San Jose, California was interviewed by Keith Gallasch.

RealTime issue #131 Feb-March 2016 pg. web

3 February 2016