Wendy McPhee, George Poonkhin Khut, Nightshift

Wendy McPhee, George Poonkhin Khut, Nightshift

Dancer Wendy McPhee and film/sound artist George Poonkhin Khut share an interest in sexuality and memory. They began their collaboration on their new work, Nightshift, by looking at peepshows, karaoke bars and feminine desire. McPhee says: “I wrote a lot of the text. George designed sound and the installation environment. The meeting point was the medium of video. The bulk of the work is in the editing and sound design. We did one video edit together but we had 7 hours of material which is a lot of looking at yourself! My main concern was that the emotional quality of the performance be kept and not dissolved. I think it’s a very intimate installation even though the images are projected floor to ceiling throughout a vast space. The intimacy is reinforced via the soundscape which evokes a closeness of whispers, pulses and floating sounds of bar room singing.”

Nightshift Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery July 13-28; Artspace, Sydney Aug 22-Sept 14

RealTime issue #50 Aug-Sept 2002 pg.

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1 August 2002