Nighshift: Did I dream this…?

Keith Gallasch

Nightshift 's latest incarnation has increased the work magnificently in scale, complexity and duration, and is magically immersive in Artspace's largest gallery. On opening night, guests disappeared into the darkened space for long, satisfying reveries, wandering amidst the large transparent screens, intrigued by the flickering images reminiscent of peep shows, silent movies and film noir, but uniquely something else-a curious meditation on dance movement and sexuality. Images multiply and enlarge across the space with a photographic intensity and viewers become a shadowy part of the picture themselves in this intimate walk-in cinema of desire. The addition of extended movement passages to the original enigmatic glimpses of McPhee and a more audible and developed sound score confirm Nightshift as a major work in new media arts.

Nightshift, Wendy McPhee & George Khut, Artspace, Sept-Oct 14

RealTime issue #51 Oct-Nov 2002 pg. web

© Keith Gallasch; for permission to reproduce apply to realtime@realtimearts.net

1 October 2002