Niche #2: a salon performance

Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 2002

Sue Healey and Louise Curham sit on the floor surrounded by Super-8 projectors. Their combined choreography of movements flicking the machines on and off translates into projections that, in turn, transform the gallery space into a colour box. Shona Erskine dances through a linear string sculpture in the centre of the room and to the precisely timed appearance of flickering moving images around the walls. Erskine’s delicate, exact and perfectly poised gestures tip-toe silently through the maze of material and illusory objects to the rhythms of the noisy machines.

Curham’s hand-painted and scratched films create primarily linear patterns that jump around the framing squares of light, dancing in counter-point to Erskine’s angular moves. At one point Erskine crouches in a ‘niche’ of the space, holding the room in suspense as the clattering projectors animate the space. A delicately and finely honed work evoking the magical transformations of proto-cinematic effects.

Antistatic 2002, Program 1, Niche #2, choreographer, Sue Healey, performer Shona Erskine, film artist Louise Curham, composer Darren Verhagen; Performance Space, Sept 25-28.

RealTime issue #52 Dec-Jan 2002 pg. 25

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1 December 2002