Liveworks: RealTime in real time

As a key part of our 2018 project to complete and celebrate the RealTime archive 1994-present, we’re presenting a very special event. We’d like you to be there for part or all of it. It’s free (register here).

Unfolding over 5 hours, 1-6pm on Sunday 21 October at the Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art in Sydney, RealTime in real time will be a continuous, informally-facilitated open conversation that will evolve, via chat and micro-performances, charting the remarkable transformation of the art experience over the last quarter century. How have we responded as audiences and, in RealTime the national arts magazine, as writers?

Join the RealTime Editors, writers from across Australia, artists and readers for this all-too-rare opportunity to drop in any time, stop the clock and reflect on where we’ve been.


RealTime in real time will unfold in phases of very approximately the following durations:

1.00-2.00pm: What was that: 1994-2018? Active recall, telling moments

Share reveries, shocks & revelations: technological, cross-artform, cross-cultural & hybrid, relational, intellectual, sensory and perceptual.

2.00-3.00pm: The critic tested: putting change into words

Dialoguing with artists and readers, writers reflect on adapting to the demands on their knowledge and responsiveness made by mutating artforms and emergent issues.

3.00-4.00pm: RealTime and the place of the space

Prompted by visiting the Performance Space archive, this exchange gauges the critical role of contemporary art centres across Australia as homes for and agents of change.

4.00-4.20pm: Eat/drink/talk

4.20-6.00pm: The big picture 1994-2018, the real story?

In the face of art done over by politics, diminished reviewing and archival challenges, how deep, enduring and sustainable are the innovations and cross-cultural engagements of 1994-2018? What to regret, what to celebrate? And more eating, drinking and talking.



Virginia Baxter, Keith Gallasch, Caroline Wake, Erin Brannigan, Gail Priest & Katerina Sakkas



SA: Ben Brooker, Chris Reid; WA: Darren Jorgensen, Jonathan W Marshall;
 TAS: Andrew Harper, Lucy Hawthorne, Briony Kidd; QLD: Kathryn Kelly, Greg Hooper; Rebecca Youdell, Russell Milledge [Cairns]; VIC: Jana Perkovic, Andrew Fuhrmann, Philipa Rothfield, Rachel Fensham, David Williams, Richard Murphet; ACT: Zsuzsanna Soboslay, Jane Goodall; NSW: Vicki Van Hout, Julie-Anne Long, Virginia Baxter, Keith Gallasch, Martin del Amo, Sarah Miller, Matthew Lorenzon [ex-VIC], Gail Priest, Tony Osborne, Cleo Mees, Fiona McGregor, Jonathan Bollen, Bryoni Trezise, Nikki Heywood, Caroline Wake, Katerina Sakkas, Felicity Clark, Djon Mundine, Karen Pearlman



Vicki Van Hout, Julie-Anne Long, Andrew Harper, Martin del Amo, Emma Saunders, Nikki Heywood & Tony Osborne, Cat Jones and more



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RealTime in real time, Performance Space, Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, Sydney, 1-6pm, Sunday 21 October

Top image credit: Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter, masks Beatrice Chew, photo Su-Ann Ng, art direction Graeme Smith

9 October 2018