liquid architecture

Bernard Parmegiani installation, Melbourne, LA4

Bernard Parmegiani installation, Melbourne, LA4

Bernard Parmegiani installation, Melbourne, LA4

“In 1999 a group of RMIT students presented a collection of experimental sound and music events. Ten years on, this collection of events, Liquid Architecture, has grown into one of Australia’s most significant festivals with a national touring program of concerts, installations and forums.” Gail Priest

In RealTime 91 Gail Priest interviews Liquid Architecture director Nat Bates to find out more about this year’s national tour and to look back at how the festival has evolved over the past ten years.

This selection from the RealTime archive also reflects on the festival’s history by singling out a few of its many highlights. Read about Bernard Parmegiani playing in Melbourne during LA4 in “liquid architecture: the parmegiani experience”, an event which Nat Bates remembers as his “number one highlight.” In “sound bodies”, a duet by Clayton Thomas and Jim Denley stands out as writer Tony Osborne’s “highlight of the week” when he samples Sydney’s LA7. Recalling last year’s LA9, “sounds solid, sounds fluid” highlights not one but “two outstanding performances”, those of festival director Nat Bates and Marcus Schmickler; the latter’s creation was “powerful, verging on spiritual, with no drugs required.”

sounds continuous
gail priest: nat bates, liquid architecture 10

liquid architecture: the parmegiani experience
simon sellars

sound bodies
tony osborne: liquid architecture 7, sydney

sounds solid, sounds fluid
gail priest: liquid architecture 9, sydney

17 July 2009