Jon Rose

Jon Rose, “Neue Musik ist niemals von allem Angfang an Schön” (New music is never very nice at the beginning)

Jon Rose, “Neue Musik ist niemals von allem Angfang an Schön” (New music is never very nice at the beginning)

Jon Rose is perhaps one of the most prolific composer/musicians in Australia and thus appraisals of his deeds (and also his words) have often appeared in RealTime.

When Rose was announced as winner of the 2012 Australia Council Don Banks award, we filmed a conversation between him and improvisor and friend Jim Denley, offering an overview of his career, briefly summarised here:

“As well as being a consummate violinist and versatile improviser, [Jon Rose] has made a multitude of instruments and has also created many radio works. Most recently he has been exploring interactive music making experiences in works such as Pursuit, using musical bicycles (see RT90; RT96), an interactive netball game, Team Music! (RT96); and the multi-user festival hit The Ball project (RT102).

“Rose has also embraced the Australian landscape, evidenced in his Great Fences of Australia project undertaken with his partner, violinist Hollis Taylor, which saw the couple travelling across the outback playing and recording the sounds of Australia’s many fences. This journey is beautifully documented in a book by Taylor called Post Impressions (see RT82). Another epic adventure was the Ad Lib Project, an extensive archive of weird and wonderful music-making activities from around the nation, housed on the ABC’s website. It perhaps best illustrates Rose’s conflicted love for this country and its curious history which he enticingly articulated in his 2008 Peggy Glanville-Hicks address (RT83).” (Full article RT108)

Since that interview, more proof of his indefatigability, Rose has written a Currency Press Platform Paper on the place of live music in Australia (RT116), released a box set of a significant selection of his works, Rosin (RT115), mounted a collaborative tour with young improvising musicians to the Corner Country of NSW (RT112) and shared his wisdom with new music group Atticus (RT111). Most recently he’s been turning bicycles into musical instruments in the largest version of his Pursuit project to date as part of the Canberra100 celebrations, an account of which he shares with us in our 20 Nov edition (link).

Jon Rose will perform as a soloist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in Program 1, March 9, of Tectonics Adelaide, curated and conducted by Ilan Volkov, in the 2014 Adelaide Festival (see the festival preview in RT119).


RealTime TV: Composer Profile, Jon Rose
In conversation with Jim Denley
RealTime issue #108 April-May 2012 web

Jon Rose: Australia Made Extraordinary
Jim Denley Talks With Jon Rose, Don Banks Music Award Winner 2012
RealTime issue #108 April-May 2012 p34-35

Jon Rose in Tibooburra

Jon Rose in Tibooburra

Jon Rose in Tibooburra

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Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor, play a fence in the Strzelecki

Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor, play a fence in the Strzelecki


Sound, Speed, Rust and Re-cycling
Jon Rose: an account of The Canberra Pursuit
RealTime issue #116 Aug-Sept 2013 web

Past reclamations, future provocations
Julian Knowles, Jon Rose’s The Music of Place: Reclaiming a Practice
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Music denied a voice
Jon Rose, City Conversation 2013, City of Sydney, 26 June
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Post impressions
Hollis Taylor’s book about an epic fence-playing journey
RealTime issue #82 Dec-Jan 2007 p40

Listening to history
Jon Rose’s 2007 Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address
RealTime issue #83 Feb-March 2008 p46

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