furioso, 1993

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Meryl Tankard’s Furioso premiered July 8, 1993 at the Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre for Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre.

Furioso was choreographed shortly after Tankard became director of Australian Dance Theatre at the beginning of 1993. With its aerial choreography in which the dancers were attached to ropes and harnesses and were airborne for large sections of the piece, Furioso reflected Tankard’s interest in the new space available to her in Adelaide after the small, confined area in which she had worked as director of the Meryl Tankard Company in Canberra. Furioso was toured nationally and internationally between 1993 and 1999. [Text from Australia Dancing.]

credits: choreography and direction Meryl Tankard, set design Regis Lansac, costume design Meryl Tankard, lighting design Toby Harding, assistant to the artistic director Janet Bradley-Bridgman, music Arvo Part, Elliot Sharp, Henryk Gorecki, photography Regis Lansac, Original cast: Prue Lang, Mia Mason, Rachel Roberts, Tuula Roppola, Michelle Ryan, Vincent Crowley, Grayson Millwood, Shaun Parker, Gavin Webber and Steev Zane. Subsequent performers: Victor Bramich, Peta Bull, Sarah Jayne Howard, Mia Mason, Kate McIntosh, Shaun Parker, Michelle Ryan, Peter Sears, Luke Smiles, Gavin Webber, Steev Zane

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Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard


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Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

Furioso, Meryl Tankard

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