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In Sam James video work you’re watching an edition of RealTime
roll off the presses. Back in 1994, quite a bit of the pre-online print edition would have stayed on your hands as ink but more importantly in your mind, new synapses firing rapidly as we surveyed and critiqued the urgently needy hybrid performance and new media arts scene ignored in those days by the mass and other media. The excitement hasn’t abated, as indicated by the many artists and groups of the 101 we approached who have contributed to our 101st edition celebration with 101 or so words each about what’s next for them in 2011. The diversity, inventiveness, commitment and playfulness on show in their contributions and throughout this edition are reward enough for our 101st and will keep us fuelled up for the year to come.

RealTime on the press

RealTime on the press

RealTime on the press

To make sense of editions 1-101 and beyond as a comprehensive record of an era and to pay tribute to a generation of adventurous artists, we are archiving more and more of RealTime+OnScreen online. All editions are available back to 2001, all dance articles back to 1994 as part of our RealTimeDance portal (launching in March) and we’re working hard to put the rest of RealTime 1994-2000 online over the next year. If you’re a student, a researcher, an artist, an arts writer or a fancier of innovative art you’ll find our archive increasingly valuable, recharging failed synapses, firing new ones. Fond memories and online pleasures aside, opening and fondling a new print edition of RealTime still brings joy to many a reader: the ink might not rub off, but ideas and sensations still do. Read on. Celebrate.

RealTime on the press – video by Sam James

RealTime issue #101 Feb-March 2011 pg. 1

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1 February 2011