Editorial 9 August 2017

In our ongoing Arts Education & Training feature, we focus on recent graduates embarking on their careers and reflecting on the university faculties and courses that helped shape them. Visual artist Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau (with her doppleganger in the image above) specifies QUT’s opening her up to a range of practices and encouraging experimentation as pivotal to her development. A UNSW School of Arts & Media Alumni Residency Program maintains connections with graduates, like the team of singer Sonya Holowell and designer Elia Bosshard, by supporting them to develop early career projects with real outcomes. Both profiles make for fascinating reading about the thinking of emerging artists. And Maggie Tonkin’s new book Fifty, Half a Century of Australian Dance Theatre, will be an invaluable asset for teachers, students and researchers in Australian dance. We’re giving away two copies to some lucky subscribers. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau, Para-Selves #1, 2016, digital manipulated photograph courtesy the artist

9 August 2017