Editorial 8 November 2017

This week we offer our third and final set of reviews of the Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, an invaluable event in a city where independent contemporary performance, live art and dance often seem scattered and sparsely programmed across the year. Alongside reviews of works by Justin Shoulder and Geumhyung Jeong, Keith completes his series of responses focusing on the expectations raised by the use of the descriptor ‘experimental’ and how it might be more meaningfully engaged with in future Liveworks. Rounding out our Liveworks coverage, we bring up from our Deep Archive a wonderful article about Gena Rowlands, the film actress whose role-within-a-role Nat Randall adopts in The Second Woman, a great Liveworks success. This week we’re streaming via Facebook forums featured in Hobiennale, the current gathering in Hobart of ARI representatives from across Australia and New Zealand. We’ll report on the event’s exhibitions with images, video and a review in coming weeks. After a short break, we’ll be back on 22 November. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: 7 Ways, Geumhyung Jeong, Liveworks 2017, photo Wooshik Lee

8 November 2017