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Anne Landa Award/Australia Council Restructure

One of the great ironies of the moment is the simultaneous demise of the New Media Arts Board in the Australia Council’s projected restructure and the launch of the first Anne Landa Award + Exhibition with a $25,000 prize for the winning artist working in moving image or new media art. The winner was David Rosetzky whose cryptically engaging installation Untouchable, is pictured above. Another artist selected for the exhibition was Craig Walsh whose Contested space appears on our cover. Click here for more on the exhibition.

Some 200 people including many artists gathered in Sydney to meet Australia Council CEO Jennifer Bott to voice their dismay at the restructure and to ask her for an explanation of how it came about and what would happen to new media and hybrid arts funding, assessment and standing as a consequence. See detailed report.



As part of RealTime’s expanding international coverage, we have reports on multimedia artists in the Philippines, an international performance event in Singapore and an Australian collaboration with Indonesian artists in Java. The latter coincides with new funds becoming available through the Australia Indonesian Institute and the Australia Council for collaborations with Indonesian artists in the Saraswati Art program.



Our focus in OnScreen is on activism in film, video, TV and new media, a realm energised by recent election battles. Despite conservative victories, artists in these media have learnt a great deal about practising dissent and establishing alternative means of distribution. OnScreen also introduces you to the delights, dangers and ethical risks of Bio-art as they are met head-on when Catherine Fargher enrols in a SymbioticA workshop. It’s a timely reminder too that there’s more to new media than screen art. RT

RealTime issue #65 Feb-March 2005 pg. 3

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1 February 2005