Editorial 29 June 2018

Hot off the press!! At long last RealTime print editions 1-40 are available in our online archive. PDFs of each edition preserve the look of RealTime and each is searchable — treasure chests of highly responsive reviewing, critical thinking and, yes, humour (we even had ‘sports’ columns in those days).

With today’s edition we proudly commence our series of Archive Overviews by RealTime writers. Virginia, addressing RealTime responses to Australian Indigenous performance 1994-2000, and Katerina, surveying our visual arts coverage 1994-2004, have invested many weeks delving into the magazine’s inky pages to produce comprehensive accounts detailing key emerging artists and forms and political, cultural and funding challenges. These provide excellent pathways into our archive.

Our archiving is in transition. We currently have two websites, 2001-2015 and 2016-present. The former is about to be incorporated into the latter, providing one access point. Until that happens, our Archive page includes all 1994-2000 and 2016-present editions while 2001-2015 editions can be accessed by going to RealTime’s original website.

Dive into the 1994-2000 archive and let us know what you think. Keith, Virginia, Katerina

Top image credit: RealTime Promotional image, 2002, photo Heidrun Löhr

29 June 2018