Editorial 27 September 2017

In recent weeks we’ve looked at the role of the university in supporting the making of new artworks as research at postgraduate level and today review one of the outcomes, Rakini Devi’s Urban Kali. This week we turn to recent graduates, interviewing Jessica Russell and Phoebe Sullivan about the WAAPA Performance Making course that took them straight to the Perth professional stage with a self-devised work. WAAPA lecturer Frances Barbe explains how the course works, emphasising the growing importance of the university as an incubation hub. Also this week, a fascinating interview with UK performer Jo Bannon (image above) who will be in Adelaide shortly to discourse on art and perceived disability.

This week we sadly farewell Lauren Carroll Harris who has completed her contract with us as Acting Assistant Editor. Lauren realised our ambition to incorporate video and sound works into RealTime, built new content into our redesigned website and initiated, among other things, the commissioning of video essays. Her sharp editorial skills, fine writing and constant stream of exciting ideas will be missed. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: Jo Bannon, Alba, photo Paul Blakemore

27 September 2017