Editorial: 2001, Wasted

Keith Gallasch

Our cover image says it all on 2001. Ian Haig’s scary and suggestive Excelsior 3000—Bowel Technology Project mocks the banal functionalism of the application of new technologies with an image of constipated privacy hooked into a world rendered entirely virtual. These days media veils, governmental obfuscations and censorships combine with the dreamside of new media to closet us in cosy fantasias. No wonder cyberactivism is on the rise (see TILT).

Meanwhile RealTime keeps the lines open with an edition packed with reports and responses from across Australia (welcome Warrnambool) and beyond to the Yokohama Triennale and Britain’s In-Yer-Face theatre.

RealTime staff wish you well in these harsh times. However powerless we might feel in yet another New World Order, we need to be active on behalf of Afghani and other refugees in a time when an insular Australia’s primary forays into the world seem to be military.

Have yourself a Merry little Xmas!

RealTime issue #46 Dec-Jan 2001 pg. 3

© Keith Gallasch; for permission to reproduce apply to realtime@realtimearts.net

1 December 2001