Editorial 2 August 2017

We kickstart our annual Arts Education and Training feature, running August-September, with profiles of two inspiring Adelaide-based artists: musician and composer Dan Thorpe (above) and choreographer and Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre, Garry Stewart. Each is engaged in innovative postgraduate research — Thorpe at the University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium and Stewart at UNSW Art & Design — arising directly from their artistic practices and informed by deep reflection on subjects such as queerness, technology, neuroscience and emotion in relation to performance. Whether for an emerging artist like Thorpe, already garnering numerous commissions, or an established artist with an international reputation like Stewart, postgraduate opportunities offered by universities have become, over the last decade, integral to many artists’ creativity. There’ll be further profiles of fascinating artists and articles about courses and degrees over coming weeks. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: Dan Thorpe, photo Mariah Anzil for Vaein Zine

2 August 2017