Editorial 18 July 2018

In this edition we look to the present that forges the future — the 2018 OzAsia Festival’s distinctive deepening of the relationship between Asia and Australia; and to the past — RealTime’s reporting of the challenges involved in cultural exchange in the visual arts as revealed in the second part of Katerina Sakkas’ intensive survey of visual arts writing in RealTime 1994-2004. Across 19 years of reviewing, Chris Reid tracks his personal responses to new music and its formal, technological and affective evolution. Finally, in these grim times, we bring you the first instalment of the best of the RealTime satirical sports columns of the 1990s, commencing with Tee Off with Vivienne Inch. Although, when Australian democracy is being perilously tested by the Government case against Witness K and his lawyer for allegedly threatening national security, we can only smile with gritted teeth. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: War Sum Up, Hotel Pro Forma, artist image courtesy OzAsia 2018

18 July 2018