Editorial 14 November 2018

Once again Performance Space’s Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art has produced a program of small scale performances of often visceral intensity and formula-testing inventiveness, including works from Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia. We felt honoured to be part of this year’s festival with RealTime in real time (image above), a five-hour conversation about art in the 25 years of the magazine’s publication. Also in this edition, Zszusanna Soboslay adds a second instalment of her reflections on writing for the magazine across those many years and Philip Brophy looks at motivation and writing practice in the production of his revered Cinesonic series (1997-2001) for RealTime. Urszula Dawkins singles out a fascinating preoccupation with place among some of the 40 articles she wrote for us and Katerina Sakkas provides an insightful overview of her responses to horror films, especially those made in Australia and empowering women filmmakers. Finally, we’ve issued another batch of Writers read RealTime, in which intriguing correspondences between reviewers’ voices and writing styles are revealed. Good reading and listening, Virginia and Keith

Top image credit: L to R: Jonathan Marshall, Rachel Fensham, Philipa Rothfield, Greg Hooper, Andrew Fuhrmann. Background: Karen Pearlman, RealTime in real time, Session 1.

14 November 2018