Editorial 13 September 2017

Two highly experienced performers, Rakini Devi, studying at the University of Wollongong, and Steve Matthews at the University of Sydney, are well on their way to completing doctor of creative arts degrees. They tell us what motivated them to deepen their practices with intensive research, reflection on their art and the making of new works. The demands on them have been considerable and often isolating but have been met with determination and joy. That universities can provide artists with time, space and intellectual challenges that sustain, extend and revitalise practices is more than simply laudable; it connects the academy palpably with the arts community and the broader culture as artists take their findings to fellow practitioners and audiences. Also in this edition, don’t miss a witty and disorientingly engaging video that takes you out on the road — Runtime by Laura Hindmarsh (one of the MCA’s 2017 Primavera artists). Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: Rakini Devi, Urban Kali, photo Karl Ford

13 September 2017