Editorial 1 August 2018

The utterly distinctive artist and radically dissenting thinker Philip Brophy, pictured above, is one of RealTime’s most popular writers, his words spilling from our pages over the decades, demanding to be read aloud given their inherent rhythms and oratorical drive. In the 1990s and early 2000s his RealTime column Cinesonic (which triggered the 2004 book 100 Modern Film Soundtracks for the British Film Institute) was a virtuosic exploration of the relationship between film image, score and sound design. Brophy will reflect on writing Cinesonic in a coming edition. In this one he reflects on writing the Audiovision column this decade “close to the body,” advancing “illiterature” and embracing “randomised uncontrolled occurrences.”

In our 18 July edition, Vivienne Inch, a 1990s RealTime columnist, returned to our pages with two of her best pieces (more are coming) from TEE OFF with Vivienne Inch. In this edition, fellow columnist, Jack Rufus of TOOTH & CLAW, announces his return with two of his best in which the world of sport takes on a disturbing postmodern hue.

The Create NSW Round 2 project grants debacle — unapologetically delayed results, meagre funds — and the ongoing effects of the Coalition government’s Excellence in Arts and Catalyst — demand that art policy and funding take centrestage in the coming NSW state and federal elections. Will the Myer Foundation/ Tim Fairfax/Keir Foundation’s promised arts think tank finally emerge to give artists of the small to medium sector the support they desperately and urgently need? The time is ripe, the situation stinks. Keith & Virginia

Top image credit: Philip Brophy, photo courtesy the artist

1 August 2018