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Seeking depth? Come with us into Spanish-Australian artist Dani Marti’s visceral exploration of objects and bodies; South African artist William Kentridge’s collaged excavation of Modernism’s big hits; Montreal choreographer Daniel Léveillé’s dig into the histories and possibilities of the dance duet; Charlie Kaufman’s in-depth animated account of a failure to sustain intimacy; and works in the PuSh Festival that demand and reward deep attentiveness. Images and video links, with which you can gain some further sense of these works, accompany a number of our writers’ evocative reports. Dig in.
Virginia & Keith
PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL        While admiring much of William Kentridge’s Refuse the Hour, Jonathan Marshall queries the cogency of the artist’s ‘popularising’ of Modernist avant-gardism.
PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL        Laetitia Wilson discovers that the viscerality of Dani Marti’s remarkable sculptural works is even more potent in his disturbingly intimate video works.
"[Q]ualities of lingering, of spatial tactility and deep listening” attract Alex Ferguson in works from France, Lebanon, Australia, US and Canada.
FROM EUROPE        Musing on the francophone dance tradition, Jana Perkovic encounters intriguing new works from Daniel Léveillé and Kevin Trappeniers, choreographers a generation apart.
FILM: ANOMALISA               Charlie Kaufman’s bold venture into animation takes you into the mind of a man in a hell of his own making—and perhaps ours too in a neo-liberalised culture.
PARTIAL DURATIONS        Matthew Lorenzon surveys the 2016 programs of adventurous Australian music makers, including the renowned Elision ensemble in concert and an RMIT Gallery retrospective.

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