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Reality takes a hit. In this E-dition, Vancouver’s Fight with a Stick immerses its audience in the immensity of non-human “vibrant matter.” Chunky Move’s Anouk van Dijk teasingly tests the real/virtual borderline. Cassandra Tytler’s I’m Sorry subjects the gallery-goer to the rantings of a domestic violence perpetrator as performed by the artist. Yirra Yaakin (image above) conjures the ghosts of rebels who lost their heads to a colonialism that haunts us still.

Senator Mitch Fifield: Smooth Decimator. If Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is, as Shaun Micallef gently mocks him, a “smooth operator,” then Arts Minister Mitch Fifleld is a smooth decimator of arts “jobs and growth”, as his lazy, unrattled performance in the Artspeak National Arts Debate revealed. The decimation of jobs, careers and a finely calibrated arts ecosystem is well under way. Jobs are being lost, careers put on hold, programs compromised or cut. It is now utterly clear that only the electoral defeat of the Turnbull Government on 2 July will deliver arts jobs and growth—freed of ministerial manipulation.

Keith and Virginia

STOLEN        With a strong convergence of performance, movement, sound and design, director Vicki Van Hout’s new production of Jane Harrison’s play about Australia’s Indigenous Stolen Generations reveals its enduring strength and sad relevancy, writes Virginia Baxter.
Margaret Cameron
WRITER-PERFORMER: POET     A new book, I Shudder to Think, by the late Margaret Cameron recalls and deepens our understanding of her remarkable performances but equally declares her a poet and thinker of high standing.
DARK SCREEN ROMANCE          In Lucid, writes Andrew Fuhrmann, Anouk van Dijk creates “a mechanism of fascination, amplifying our uncertainties about the real and unreal… stirring vague passions and deflecting critical reflection.”
SO LONG SUCKERS         Yirra Yaakin’s latest success gives voice to historical figures, black and white, trapped, writes Jonathan Marshall, in an Expressionist post-colonial limbo.
Fight with a stick
Fight With a Stick plummets its audience into a world where material objects become aggressive and tangible spaces collapse, reports Mikis Vrettakos from Vancouver.
Admiring Cassandra Tytler’s video installation, Philip Brophy writes that the artist’s performance “mirrors the inauthentic posturing of the repeat [domestic violence] offender.”
From Ladyfinger Press a copy of Margaret Cameron’s book of her performance scripts, reflections on the very personal roots of their creation and an emerging philosophy of being and performing.
Partial Durations
Composer Samantha Wolf, dancer Gemma Dawkins and pianist Alex Raineri talk with Matthew Lorenzon about making music and movement with egg shells.

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