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More Arts & Education The image above is of lecturer Cath McKinnon’s production of Tom Holloway’s Lyrebird, written for and performed by students at the University of Wollongong. In an interview, fellow lecturer Chris Ryan reveals the strange new worlds that UOW Theatre and Performance students will enter on their way to fascinating careers. UNSW senior lecturer Erin Brannigan talks about her Reviewing the Arts course at UNSW, a timely initiative as criteria, standards and platforms undergo radical change. JR Brennan’s The Chat, Andrea James’ Winyanboga Yurringa and Eastern Riverina Arts’ Basin provide this
E-dition with exciting evidence of the ongoing inventiveness of Australia’s performance culture.

Keith and Virginia
ADVANCING THE ART OF REVIEWING          At UNSW’s School of the Arts & Media, Erin Brannigan’s Reviewing the Arts addresses multiple artforms and varieties of criticism via research and intensive writing workshops.
MAKING PERFORMANCE MAKERS   University of Wollongong Lecturer and director Chris Ryan talks about courses, productions, what busy graduates are up to and looks back on the career that made him the teacher he is.
GIRLS LOST & FOUND       Andrea James’ Winyanboga Yurringa and Angela Betzien’s The Hanging invoke spiritual and cultural archetypes in societies where young women are at risk.
CRIME, PUNISHMENT & ROLE REVERSAL          John Bailey finds himself in a head-spinning house of mirrors In JR Brennan’s The Chat where real ex-criminals and actors play out tense parole negotiations.
In Grace, circus artist Emma Serjeant portrays the last moments of a woman’s life with a potent melding of voice, video, music and movement.
Philip Brophy engages in activated listening at Inland 16.4: Through Savage Progress, part of a concert series committed to works on the edge between sound and music.
Best Festival Ever
GAMING CLIMATE CHANGE The brainchild of an alliance between two distinct interdisciplinary collectives, Boho Interactive and Applespiel, The Best Festival Ever is “part-theatre show, performance lecture and board game."
Director Scott Howie, playwright Vanessa Bates and a team of seven writers evoke fears and passions rising from the depths of drought in the Eastern Riverina Arts production Basin.

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