devolution, 2006

Australian Dance Theatre

Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

Garry Stewart has built a reputation for pushing dance beyond convention into new realms. In Devolution he collaborated with Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Louis-Philippe Demers, UK video artist Gina Czarnecki and London based costume designer Georg Meyer-Wiel to create a unique world. Situating humans in communion with multiple robotic machines of both large and medium scale, kinetic set and lighting design, a multitude of robotic prostheses and ambulating robotic constructs as well as extraordinary video art, Devolution explores the relationship between machine and body.

Filled with symbolism and ritualised process Devolution highlights the fact that that for all of our technology we are still primitive, of the flesh and live as instinctive biological beings. (Text courtesy of Australian Dance Theatre.)

Larissa McGowan, Daniel Jaber and Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

Larissa McGowan, Daniel Jaber and Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

Larissa McGowan, Daniel Jaber and Tim Ohl, Devolution, ADT

credits: direction and choreography Garry Stewart, robotics Louis-Philippe Demers, assistant director Carol Wellman, projections Gina Czarnecki, cinematographer Tony Clark, composer Darrin Verhargen, costumes Georg Meyer-Wiel, dancers Shannon Anderson, Daryl Brandwood, Danny Golding, Daniel Jaber, Paea Leach, Glen McCurley, Larissa McGowan, Tim Ohl, Xiao-Xuan Yang, Paul Zivkovich

performances: premiere, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, March 2006; Sydney Festival, Sydney, January 2007; Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, August 2007; Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France, November 2007; Annecy, France, November 2007

Larissa McGowan, Devolution, ADT

Larissa McGowan, Devolution, ADT

Larissa McGowan, Devolution, ADT

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Daniel Jaber, Devolution, ADT

Daniel Jaber, Devolution, ADT

Daniel Jaber, Devolution, ADT


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ADT does not sell DVD recordings of any of its works due to copyright laws. The company does have a system for lending DVD kits to educational institutions. The DVDs currently available for loan to educators are: Birdbrain, The Age Of Unbeauty, HELD and Devolution.

DVDs are loaned out with a $15 postage and handling fee plus an $85 deposit. The deposit is fully refunded upon the return of the DVD. For further information and to organise a loan contact Ros Heard.


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