delirium, 1999

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

A poetic dance and theatre essay of the schism and slippage between reality and the imaginary world as two figures slide between entrapment and freedom. [Text courtesy of the artist.]

credits: conception Helen Herbertson, realisation Jenny Kemp, Trevor Patrick, Ben Cobham, Simon Barley, performers Helen Herbertson and Trevor Patrick

performances: premiere National Theatre, Melbourne, August 1999; New Moves Festival, Glasgow, March 2000; Adelaide Festival, March 2002

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

reviews/articles – realtime

helen herbertson, realtime 32, august-september, 1999 (preview piece)

neither awake nor asleep
philipa rothfield, realtime 33, october-november, 1999

helen herbertson: the place where things slip
philipa rothfield, realtime 36, april-may, 2000


Helen Herbertson, Delirium

Helen Herbertson, Delirium


delirium ends at the foot of the stage
jane howard, sunday herald sun, august 22, 1999

dark depths enlighten
stephanie glickman, herald sun, august 17, 1999

herbertson’s illusions of grandeur
don morris, the scotsman, march 24, 2000

glasgow’s dance fest puts a load of emotions in motion
don morris, the scotsman, march 27, 2000

christopher bowen, scotland on sunday, april 2, 2000

adelaide festival & fringe 2002 stories of hope and healing
lisa mcintosh, craig clarke, rachel hancock, david nankervis, matt byrne, michael hill, sunday mail, march 10, 2002

nice, but what was that bit with the eel?
alan brissenden, the australian, march 11, 2002


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1 January 1999

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