danse (1), 2006

Ros Crisp, danse (1)

Ros Crisp, danse (1)

Ros Crisp, danse (1)

danse (1) is a fifty-minute solo journey through a large non-frontal space with five different “stations” or environments. Rosalind is concerned in this work with how the body in d a n s e is transformed over a duration of fifty minutes, in response to different textural environments and in close proximity to the public.

The piece commences with a projection on a giant screen (or wall) of the video d a n s e by Eric Pellet. Rosalind then proceeds to inhabit the space which is installed with a large open raised stage, a light box 2m x 2m lit from underneath, a place for Isabelle Ginot with her real-time writing responses to Rosalind’s dancing projected either side of her two laptops, a rock and roll scene, and the spaces in between…

These “stations” give the audience different frameworks through which to perceive the dancing. The public can move about or sit on benches placed in and around the various “stations”. Rosalind composes the dance in the presence of the spectators, working with different modes of relationship to them, …distant, direct, indirect, peripheral, in a constant state of listening.

A very personal voyage, this solo is saturated by its environment and influences it in turn. Isabelle Ginot dialogues “live” with the dance on her portable computers. Her texts – at times commentary, at times fictional responses to the dancing – are simultaneously projected on two screens (or walls) during one part of the journey. The public thus has access to multiple points of view, both in the space and by following the view of Isabelle.

In the final minutes of the piece, the space is invaded by powerful rock and roll music, which gives yet another perspective on the dance, underlining its visceral dimension. www.omeodance.com

credits: conception and choreography Rosalind Crisp, dance Rosalind Crisp, assistant Andrew Morrish, text and ‘inside’ eye Isabelle Ginot, music Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin, lights and technical direction Marco Wehrspann, video Eric Pellet, Le Fresnoy, stage design Rosalind Crisp, Marco Wehrspann, Andrew Morrish

performances: Mains d’œuvres Saint-Ouen, October 2006; Taichung Culture Centre Taiwan, November 2006; Greenwich Dance Agency London, February 2007; Biennale nationale de danse du Val-de-Marne, Centre des Bords de Marne Le Perreux, March 2007; Performance Space, Sydney, May-June 2007; Dancehouse, Melbourne (extracts), June 2007; Soirées MC2, Grenoble (extracts), June 2009; Platform, Zagreb, September 2009; Zodiak, Helsinki, Finland, February 2010


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danse (1) performance space, sydney



danse (1)
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Benjamin Dhier, Nord Eclair, Sunday 14 May 2006

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