Laetitia Wilson

My research is in the field of media art history and I have completed a doctorate in interactive art and ludic interfaces. Currently my interests launch more broadly toward contemporary and hybrid arts, however I still have a keen interest in developments of the media arts sphere. On the practical artistic front I have collaborated in art projects and residencies in Scandinavia, Singapore and Taipei and exhibited locally and internationally. Following over half a decade of lecturing at the University of Western Australia my work currently involves academic programming at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, in addition to being art critic for the West Australian newspaper and contributing to the academic sphere as a freelance writer.


Writing in the visual arts for me is about having that extra sensory component to text, having more than words, having images, sounds, tactile and immersive experiences available as zones of research. Whether in the gallery context, in private or public space, these things make life richer. I was very close to doing my doctorate in philosophy but I found I craved more than words and heady concepts. In addition to this multi-sensorial experiential range, the arts also seduce me with the capacity of artists to be at the forefront of engaging the world and creating meanings pertinent to social, political, spiritual and ethical being. For me it is not solely about the aesthetic or sensorial potential of art, but how it can push boundaries and delve into the core issues of our times. Artists both shine a mirror back onto humanity and imagine wild and varied visions of the future. It is then the role of writers and publications such as RealTime to discuss, debate, theorise, philosophise and make such creative production history, while also communicating the relevance, potency or indeed utter irrelevance of the given art.

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