Solon Ulbrich and Gilli O’Connell, Bodies

Solon Ulbrich and Gilli O’Connell, Bodies

Produced and presented by Mark Cleary, director of the Newtown Theatre, with artistic director Norman Hall, the annual Bodies season showcases a range of contemporary dance from independent choreographers around Australia. The event has become a firm part of the Sydney dance calendar offering the opportunity to see the work of a distinctive group of practitioners. This year’s Bodies include Paulina Quinteros (winner of an Australian Institute of Classical Dance [AICD] Dance Creation choreographic award this year in Melbourne), James Taylor, Jan Pinkerton, Virginia Ferris, Solon Ulbrich, Ichiro Harada, Deborah Mills, Cathryn Magill, Jacqui Simmonds, Jamie Jewel, Norman Hall, Veronica Gillmer, Derek Porter, Sydney Salter, Kate Denborough, Kenny Feather, Elizabeth Lea and Peter Cook. The supplementary Youthworks program features student choreographers and dance works every Saturday during the Bodies season.

Bodies, Newtown Theatre, Wed – Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm, October 21 – November 8 tel 9519 5081

RealTime issue #27 Oct-Nov 1998 pg. 14

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1 October 1998

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