realtime tv: ELECTRONA 7054: An Ode to Suburban Sprawl

realtime tv: ELECTRONA 7054: An Ode to Suburban Sprawl from RealTime on Vimeo.

The newest addition to Hobart’s art scene is Electrona 7054, a contemporary three-day music and arts festival dedicated to the digital arts. This episode of realtime tv provides an overview of this year’s festival, featuring performances by The Native Cats (TAS), Scot Cotterell (TAS), Rainbow Chan (SYD), Tiger Choir (TAS) and Lafidki (Cambodia), as well as interviews with participating visual artists Claire Krouzecky and Darren Cook (fittingly done via Skype, considering the nature of their work) and Nadège Philippe-Janon.

Electrona 7054
Hobart, Tasmania, February 27 – March 1, 2015

Music Curator | Alasdair Doyle
Art Curator | Liam James

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RealTime issue #125 Feb-March 2015 pg. online

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25 March 2015

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