Helen Herbertson

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

Helen Herbertson, Trevor Patrick, Delirium

Helen Herbertson’s new dance theatre work, Delirium explores the schism between the worlds of sleep and waking. “The disciplines of dance, improvisation, theatre, music, visual arts and film inform Herberton’s work. However the language she creates”, says her press release, “is something quite unlike any of the original stimuli. It’s a personal approach, deeply embedded conceptually in an emotional and physical world and brought to the surface via a delicate interaction and collaboration with several other artists.” In this case the collaborating team includes some of the best in the country—performer Trevor Patrick, writer-director Jenny Kemp, optical illusionist Ben Cobham and composer Livia Ruzic.

Experience Delirium at the National Theatre, St Kilda, August 19 – 27.

RealTime issue #32 Aug-Sept 1999 pg. 37

1 August 1999

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